In order to get the most out of your eBooks, we recommend you download the ePub files. Most eReaders can utilize this format. Apple, Android, and Kindle are the most popular of the eReaders.  To ensure you get the most out of your eReader, we have recommended apps that will ensure that you will be able to fully enjoy your new eBook.

Apple iOS

If you are using any Apple iOS device, then the only reader you need is iBooks.  iBooks comes preinstalled and requires no additional effort.  It opens both ePub and PDF Documents.


If you are using and Android device, we recommend Aldiko Reader.  Aldiko can both ePub and PDF Documents.  The Aldiko app is also offered for iOS and Kindle devices.  


Again, we recommend Aldiko.  This app works great with the Kindle Fire and Kindle HD.  If you are using a older device or are unsure of ePub compatibility you may download the PDF files.

Here is a quick tutorial:


The Nook is a Barnes and Nobles eReader.  You may watch the video below to learn how to add ePub files to your Nook.